The Absinthe’s Road

  • Absinthe Tour – Located in the middle of the Road of Absinthe, Le Bourbaki is the ideal place to stay and go discover all the secret path from the Green Fairy (La Fée Verte in french, the second name of Absinthe in the region) around Le Val-de-Travers.


About 95 years after its prohibition, swiss Absinthe became legal again in 2005 and clandestine distilleries expanded drastically. Today, it represents a real touristic activity and a wonderful heritage to the region. Local producers offer many different Absinthe sorts made of  their secret recipes. If you like to go for a tasting and know all the secret of the Green Fairy… Follow the Road of Absinthe !


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We highly recommand Artemisia distillery in Couvet, chez Claude-Alain Bugnon, one of the first clandestine to produce Absinthe in the region with ancestral recipes. He organizes tours in his distillery and make you taste his best creations. His shop is also open after the tasting, you will find various sorts of Absinthe and derivates. Finally, you will never forget his professionalism along with his cheerfulness !